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A review of the Jane Clarke Nourish Drinks

A review of the Jane Clarke Nourish Drinks

Today I am going to tell you about the Jane Clarke Nourish Drinks. I’m a huge fan of Jane Clarke and what her team at Nourish do for people going through health issues, including cancer. The Nourish team and I have a history of collaborating, sharing blog posts on each others’ sites and contributing to each others’ articles. So, given our history, the team asked me to try their new Nourish drinks and let them know what I thought. Well, they kindly sent me a box, I’ve tried them and because I liked them, I thought I’d let you all know about them.

They are highly nutritious drinks that can help someone who is going through a health issue, or recovering from a health issue, and who may not be able to eat normally for whatever reason. A bit further into this post, Jane tells you more about them and their health properties, I’m just going to tell you what I thought. There are four flavours: chocolate, mango, vanilla (my favourite) and raspberry. They taste and feel very much like yogurt. They come in small bottles which are the perfect size so that you don’t have to worry about using up a big bottle of the drink within a day. One bottle is enough for a meal , snack or accompaniment to a meal. You can have them as a drink or you can incorporate them into your meal by, for example, pouring them over some fruit or granola. I particularly liked the fruit and vanilla ones with fruit and I found that the chocolate one worked well as a drink. That’s just my personal preference. I thoroughly enjoyed all the flavours. I don’t have a health issue that affects my eating, so I was able to enjoy them as standalone drinks, with breakfast (with granola) and as a dessert (with fruit). All four flavours were delicious but my favourite was the vanilla one!

To give you a bit more information about the drinks, I asked Jane some questions and here is what she told me:

I created Nourish Drinks to provide a solution to the problem of undernourishment for those who are vulnerable or facing a health challenge. I’ve been a nutritionist for 30 years and although I’ve advised many high-profile actors and sportspeople, I’m probably best known for and proudest of my work with those living with serious illnesses such as cancer, neurological degenerative conditions, dementia and stroke.

So often, illness and its treatment robs people of their appetite or ability to eat, and that lack of nourishment leaves them more vulnerable to the disease, less resilient and recovery takes far longer. In those situations, the first call for many doctors is to prescribe a meal replacement drink – Fortisip or Ensure are the best known – but these are so processed and full of artificial ingredients, they taste awful and so many patients leave them untouched, so they don’t get the nutrition they are meant to provide.

I decided there must be a better way, one that respects and inspires individuals by providing good-quality natural ingredients, flavour and true nourishment, and that’s how I developed Nourish Drinks. Our motto is Every Mouthful Counts, Every Person Matters, so whether you’re coping with illness or simply need an energy boost before exercise or an alternative to a traditional breakfast before you head out on the school run, Nourish Drinks are for you.

I took great care when developing the drinks to use only the best ingredients and flavours that you’ll actually love – top-quality chocolate, Madagascan vanilla, fresh raspberries and mangoes (Raspberry is my favourite!). Unlike other fortifying drinks, Nourish Drinks are made only with natural and organic ingredients (no nasties), with all the protein, carbs, calories, vitamins and minerals you need as a meal replacement if you can’t face a plateful of food. As you know, chemotherapy can create a metallic taste in the mouth that makes food taste odd, but the naturalness and depth of flavour in Nourish Drinks should help counteract that and feel soothing if the mouth is also sore.

When you’re unwell, appetite is such a fickle thing – sometimes you don’t want to eat and just sipping a tasty drink is perfect; sometimes you can face a bit more food and want to take the opportunity to build yourself up a bit more. What’s brilliant about Nourish Drinks is because they are made with only natural ingredients, they can be used in recipes to provide extra ‘secret’ nourishment. On our website we have recipes for porridge, ice cream, smoothies and more, all of which include Nourish Drinks. And I love to add a shot of espresso to my Vanilla Nourish Drink for a creamy, wake-me-up coffee in the morning!

So there you have it, my honest review of the Nourish Drinks, together with Jane’s answers to my questions.

And if you, or a family member, would like to buy a box of the Nourish Drinks, they are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry and Mango flavours, delivered direct to the door under Covid-safe guidelines. Available at and more information is available here.

Full disclosure: I received the drinks free of charge but with no obligation to write a positive review. This is an honest review, written after trying the drinks.

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