Helping you through breast cancer treatment

Articles and Guest Blogs written for other organisations

Articles and Guest Blogs written for other organisations

Life During Cancer:

The A to Z of distracting yourself throughout treatment: written for Inga Well Clothing

My breast cancer has induced an early menopause: written for Hotflush

Writing through cancer: using writing as therapy (and to help others), Shine Cancer Support

My friend wasn’t there for me during my breast cancer, HuffPost

I want to start an honest conversation about breast cancer, Breast Cancer Now

Ten tips for getting through cancer, Honest Mum

I was struggling to eat healthily and cope with chemotherapy, Nourish by Jane Clarke


The countdown to my return to work: A detailed insight into my experiences of living with cancer and my journey back to work for Working With Cancer

Here I am, Three Months Back at Work… An update for Working with Cancer about how the first three months, back at work, have gone

Returning to work and making changes The third and final piece in the series for Working With Cancer about going back to work after breast cancer treatment.

Life After Cancer:

A Walk Through No Man’s Land: What does ‘life after cancer’ mean for me, written for Mission Remission.

Time for a girls’ weekend… or not? Going on a girls weekend shortly after finishing treatment, written for Mission Remission.

Breast cancer changed me as a person: I share my experience and give tips for moving forward after treatment and feeling like ‘me’ again.

Breast Cancer Care podcast on moving forward after treatment.

Ten ways my new normal is different for Mission Remission.

For Friends and Family:

Help me, help her: how can I help my friend who has breast cancer? written for Booby Trapp

Please Don’t Say This to a Cancer Patient A list of things not to say to someone going through cancer, written for Kate on Thin Ice.

Gift ideas for someone going through cancer for Cancer Pal

Special gifts for loved ones with cancer, Henpicked

Friend has cancer: what to say or do, Kate on Thin Ice

What you need to know about breast cancer, Kate on Thin Ice

What Can I Buy My Loved One With Cancer? Not Another Bunch of Flowers

This website:

How Ticking Off Breast Cancer was born: written for Cancer Care Parcel.

How writing helped me through breast cancer: written for Sam’s Spaces


Not Another Bunch of Flowers


Appetite ER: how to tempt the taste buds in the face of depression, illness or cancer treatment. Interview for Sainsbury’s Magazine.

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