Helping you through breast cancer treatment


Some of us need to have chemotherapy which sounds really scary. In this section you will find a lot of information on how to prepare for chemo, what chemo is like and how to deal with the side effects.

Oh no I need chemo: what is chemo? My top twelve things to know about chemotherapy.

Chemo prep and planning part 1: Hospital visit and low immunity – How to prepare for your low immunity and the importance of visiting the chemo ward.

Chemo prep and planning part 2: Your chemo bag – What to take with you to your chemotherapy appointments.

Chemo prep and planning part 3: Visiting the dentist – The importance of getting your dental health in tip top condition before chemo starts.

Chemo prep and planning part 4: Getting organised at home – What you need to organise at home before starting chemo treatment.

Chemo prep and planning part 5: Toiletries and medications – What to get stocked up on before chemo starts.

Chemo prep and planning part 6: Chemo day! – What to expect on the day of chemo.

Eating and drinking your way through chemo – Advice on what to eat to help with nausea, mouth issues and to be healthy during chemo.

Is this normal? Common side effects and how to help them – Advice on alleviating the side effects of chemo.

To wig or not to wig: hair loss – Advice on all aspects of hair loss from chemo.

Chemo prep and planning tick off checklist (printable) – A printable checklist of what to buy and organise before chemo starts.

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