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Chemo prep and planning tick off checklist (printable)

Chemo prep and planning tick off checklist (printable)

• Snacks
• Herbal tea bags, squash etc
• Hard boiled sweets or mints
• Antibacterial hand gels – small and large sizes
• Magazine/book
• Crosswords, puzzle book or mindfulness colouring book and pencils
• Handcream
• Lipbalm
• Gentle toothpaste and mouth wash (either for sensitive teeth or an organic brand)
• Soft toothbrush (possibly a child brush)
• Prescription medications
• Tissues
• Gentle shampoo and conditioner
• Eye drops for dry eyes
• Gentle shower gel and moisturizer
• Decent thermometer (shop around for this as you often find reductions in supermarkets)
• Travel sickness wrist bands to help with any nausea
• Over the counter medication which has been approved by your oncologist:
• Indigestion/heartburn remedies
• Paracetamol
• Throat sweets
• Throat spray
• Soft head caps and scarves
• PICC line covers (if you are having a PICC line) and make sure you have some day-wear ones and some waterproof ones for showers

• Warm socks or slippers.
• Water bottle
• Notebook and pen
• iPad/tablet/laptop with downloaded films etc. and earphones
• Warm scarf/shawl
• Blankets for the sofa
• Distractions for the rough days (TV box sets, films, books etc)

• Go shopping
• Make a dentist appointment
• Sort out your freezer to make room for frozen meals
• Make some meals to freeze
• Apply for your free prescription certificate
• Plan childcare and school run assistance
• Organise “Family Command Centre” at home
• Save important hospital contact numbers in your phone and keep a written note of them somewhere around the house
• Where you can get your head shaved
• Wig
• Make some frozen fruit juice ice lollies
• Freeze some fresh pineapple
• Someone to take you and bring you home from chemo
• Flu jabs for family members and possibly yourself (check with oncologist)
• Pack your chemo bag
• Pack your emergency hospital bag

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