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chemo prep and planning part 3: Visiting the dentist

chemo prep and planning part 3: Visiting the dentist

Getting your mouth in order – dental hygiene

Two things to think about here:

1.  You can’t have dental work done whilst you are on chemotherapy so it is important to get your mouth in order before chemo starts; and

2.  Chemo can cause unpleasant side effects in the mouth (such as a dry mouth and throat, metallic and other odd tastes, ulcers, sore gums and bleeding gums) so it is important to take care of/look after your oral health during chemo.

So, to get yourself organised in all things mouth related:

· See your dentist before treatment starts so any dental work is done before chemo starts.

· Gums will be soft and possibly sore, so use a soft toothbrush. I used a small child toothbrush which had very soft bristles.

· Buy some organic toothpaste and mouthwash (or at least mouthwash without alcohol). I used organic aloe vera and tea tree oil toothpaste and mouthwash from my local health shop.

· But corsodyl mouthwash is ok if you have any gum problems during chemo (but best to check with your chemo team).





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