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chemo prep and planning part 6: Chemo day!

chemo prep and planning part 6: Chemo day!

Just a quick tip list here:

  1. Wear something comfortable with easy access to your port, PICC line or cannula. You may find that you get hot and cold during the treatment so it is worth wearing layers that you take off/put on to ensure you are comfortable.
  2. Ask someone to take you and bring you home in case you don’t feel up to driving or if you need help on public transport.
  3. Take your hospital chemo book that the hospital needs to fill in.
  4. Relax. Try some of my relaxation tips.
  5. You may be sent home with more anti-sickness tablets and steroids. Make sure you know the instructions for taking these.
  6. Don’t forget your chemo bag.
  7. Drink lots and lots of water on the day and for 24 hours after.

It will be OK! And remember that each chemo cycle is one down and you are closer to the end of treatment.

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