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Ellie’s Friends

Ellie’s Friends

When I was going through my breast cancer treatment I have to admit that I didn’t really dig too deep into the internet. I kept my online viewing to a couple of the mainstream breast cancer and cancer charities. And it was only when I finished my treatment and started to do some more in-depth
online research when I set up that I came across charities that gave away gifts, treats and days out to people going through cancer and their families. I remember thinking, how amazing that there are charities dedicated to making life with cancer a little more bearable by providing a thoughtful gift or treat.

One of these charities is the wonderful Ellies’s Friends (who recently merged with the equally wonderful Maggies). As their website explains, Ellie’s Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults (16+) living with cancer, all around the UK. They provide frequent freebies from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis. They recognise that being diagnosed with cancer is just the start of an incredibly difficult experience – there are so many pressures that are rarely mentioned: the financial impact of having to give up work, paying for trips to the hospital, healthier food; the eternal boredom and depression that sets in during recovery from chemo. They help to reinstate ‘treats’ and give patients a bit of a lift at a difficult time.

Some of the treats that followers of Ticking Off Breast Cancer have received are:

  • Tickets to see Mickey Flanagan live
  • Tickets to see Wicked in the London West End
  • Freedom of the Lake pass for Lake Windemere in the Lake District
  • Afternoon tea

I am honoured and delighted that Ellie’s Friends will be donating one of their treat bags to the author of the most read Ticking Off Breast Cancer guest blog each month. This is a way to thank our guest bloggers and to recognise the courage it takes to write about their breast cancer experience and share it with others in a public space.

And while I’m here, writing about Ellie’s Friends, I would also like to make a plea on their behalf. They are so successful at getting their gifts and treats out to cancer patients, that they are always in need of more gifts and treats. Take a look at the list of things that they give away and maybe you’ll be inspired to donate something to this incredibly worthwhile charity. They may not be funding a cure for cancer, but they are doing important work by making life with cancer just a little more bearable for those going through it. For more information about donating, please email

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