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Surgery prep and planning tick off checklist (printable)

Surgery prep and planning tick off checklist (printable)


• Toiletries for your wash bag
• Things to do at hospital, for example magazines, book, puzzle books
• For node clearance: one or two drain bags depending on whether you have one or two sides being cleared (Although you may have something at home which will do the job just as well as a special drain bag. Check out Drain Dollies.)
• For mastectomies: a mastectomy pillow (search online, for example Jen’s Friends)


• Small, soft, squidgy cushion or pillow that you can put under your arm after node clearance surgery. You may find that a “cheese wedge” pillow or a body shaped pillow might so it is worth taking some time to research your options.
• Flannels or sponges
• Bag for the hospital stay, include items such as:
o Wash bag of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, regular facial toiletries or face wipes, soap)
o Clean undies
o Nightwear – ideally top and bottoms with the top easy to open from the front
o Something to do like a book, magazine, downloaded film on an iPad/phone
o Phone and charger
o Snacks
o Drinks such as juice boxes, bottles of water, herbal tea bags
o Note pad and pen for jotting down instructions and information from the nurses
o Towel
• Comfy clothes for convalescing at home
• Extra pillows to help night time sleeping


• Plan how you will sleep at night when you get home from hospital
• Contact numbers for who to call about any questions to do with the recovery and drain
• Plan and freeze some meals (make sure you do a grocery shop just before the surgery so you don’t need to go food shopping for a while afterwards)
• Plan childcare
• Clothing to accommodate the tubes and drain coming out of your armpit and that you can put on without really moving your arm and check with your hospital about whether they will be providing you with compression socks for once you are out of surgery. If not, then it is worth getting a pair to wear for a couple of weeks after surgery whilst you are convalescing.
• Someone to take you and bring you home from hospital (you won’t be able to drive – remember to ask your breast consultant when you are likely to be driving again and in the meantime you may need to organise help with getting yourself and your children around: to and from school, to medical appointments and so on)

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