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useful links and resources

useful links and resources


Information and advice on breast cancer and it’s treatment

Breast Cancer Care: A UK breast cancer charity which provides care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer. The website provides advice on everything from diagnosis to after treatment, including how to tell the children. The website offers information pages, booklets to download or order, a magazine to subscribe to, blogs by people affected by breast cancer, forums where people can talk to others about all aspects of breast cancer, plus a nurses helpline.

Breast Cancer Now: A UK breast cancer charity. They are fundraisers, campaigners, researchers. The website provides advice and information on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment together with comprehensive information on what breast cancer is.

Macmillan: The Macmillan website covers all types of cancers, not just breast cancer. It provides advice for all stages of breast cancer from diagnosis to life after treatment has ended. There are information pages, booklets to download or order, information about support groups near you and a nurses helpline. There is also a lot of information for people supporting someone with cancer.

Cancer Research UK: This website is not all about research but also provides plenty of helpful information and advice for people going through breast cancer. They have a good list of resources and organisations to help breast cancer patients.

NHS: The NHS website is vast. The section on breast cancer provides advice for breast cancer patients from symptoms to living with breast cancer.

Helpful information about breast cancer

Glossary of breast cancer terminology – an excellent A to Z list of terms and words you may come across during your breast cancer journey, and what they mean.

Information about breast cancer treatment – If you would like to know more information about diagnosis, tests, staging and grades of breast cancer and treatment then you may wish to download (or order a hard copy to be sent to you in the post) of the Breast Cancer Now Booklet called The best treatment Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment  “This booklet sets out the standards of care that women undergoing treatment for early breast cancer can expect in England and Wales. It explains the diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has not spread beyond the breast and armpit lymph nodes. It talks through the care that women diagnosed with breast cancer may experience.

Note that this booklet goes into quite a lot of detail about each step of the process from diagnosis onwards and is an excellent resource if you are looking for information at that level of detail.

Information about secondary breast cancer and breast reconstruction (whether primary or secondary): abcdiagnosis . This is a website which was set up by a lady who is living with secondary breast cancer with the aim of “supporting primary and secondary breast cancer patients make informed choices with information and up to date news on treatments, breast surgeries, consultants, hospital and useful links.”

Breast Cancer Now Guide to Secondary Breast Cancer – “This guide gives detailed information on secondary breast cancer, including information on the services available in different parts of the UK. You can also watch videos of breast care nurses and women with secondary breast cancer, sharing their knowledge, advice and experiences.”

Information about breast cancer itself – what it is, stages, grades and statistics: the Breast Cancer Now website is a helpful place to start.

Macmillan Organiser  is a “handy, portable tool that’s a lot like a personal organiser. It’s also a useful source of support that’s always at your fingertips. It helps you keep track of things such as your symptoms, your food intake, your appointments, your medication and much more besides. It also suggests questions to ask your doctor.” You can send off for this free organiser, or it is available as a phone app.

Macmillan Publications Directory is a list of booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by breast cancer. You can search by subject (breast cancer) and it provides a list of relevant publications – not all Macmillan.

Information about the BRCA gene and tests

BRCA1 and BRCA2 information sheet from the Royal Marsden Hospital

NHS information

Breast Cancer Now Family History of Breast Cancer Guide

Information about specific breast cancer issues

Breast Cancer Care have a huge number of booklets covering many specific breast cancer issues. Topics range from treatment, drugs, side effects, You can access the page here from which you can download or order copies of their booklets.

Feel better treats

Look Good Feel Better

Something to look forward to – This charity “benefits people affected by cancer and financial difficulty by providing positive things to look forward to which have been generously donated by companies and kind individuals.

Live Better With – This is an online shopping site stocking 100’s of products to help get you through each step of your cancer treatment all recommended by those living with cancer. The site also offers practical advice.

Ellie’s Friends  “Ellie’s Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults (16+) living with cancer, all around the UK. We provide frequent freebies from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.” You just need to register with a photograph of a recent medical letter.

Willow Foundation – This website allows young adults with breast cancer (and other forms of illnesses) to apply for a “Special Day” which is a day on which you choose what to do, whether a day out with the family or a day off from work.

The Osbourne Trust – “The Trust provides children aged 16 years and under whose parent/s have cancer access to recreational activities during a parent/s treatment by funding up to 3 activities such as a cinema trip, play centre visit or a meal out.”

Cancer Support UK – Cancer Support UK provides practical and emotional support to people living with cancer, both during and after the treatment period. They support people with all kinds of cancer across the UK. They provide cancer kits, chemo kits and cancer coaching free of charge.

Honey Rose Foundation –  This charity arranges for a special wish to be organised for anyone over the age of 40 suffering with a terminal/life-threatening illness.

Help and support

Penny Brohn. As a national charity, we reach out across the country, offering local support, such as free courses and wellbeing events locally, where you need it. Our Introductory sessions and Living Well courses can help you discover the things that make a big difference to the way you cope with cancer. Things like eating well and managing stress and dealing with the emotional impacts of the disease.

Maggies.  Maggies centres are located around the UK. “At Maggie’s you can talk to, and get support from, a range of professional people. Our Centres are staffed by Cancer Support Specialists, Benefits Advisors, Nutritionists, therapists and Psychologists who can support you in whichever way best suits your needs.”

Breast Cancer Haven. This charity has six centres across the U.K. At which they “offer advice on practical things like money and work, help combatting stress, exhaustion and nausea, advice on healthy eating and exercise. And above all, there will always be someone to talk to about your deepest fears.”

Shine Cancer Support.  This charity exclusively supports adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experience a cancer diagnosis. They offer regional meet-ups, they have information by way of blogs, pod casts and video casts on topics relevant to this age group.

Your Sim Pal – This charity provides free calls, text, data and mobiles for those affected by cancer. There is a simple online form to complete and submit.

Cancer on Board – Get in touch with this lovely charity for a “Cancer on board” badge. A little badge which lets people know that whilst you may look ok on the outside, you are actually going through cancer treatment and you may need someone to offer you a set on the train, bus or tube.

Practical stuff like working, finances, etc

Working with cancer.  “We help both employees and employers to manage cancer and work. We advise employers on how to successfully manage cancer in the workplace, and we advise individuals affected by cancer on returning to work, remaining in work or finding employment at any stage during or after cancer treatment. Our work with commercial organisations subsidises our work with many cancer charities. Find out more by watching a short film about the work that we do.

Macmillan Financial Support Tool. Information about what you might be entitled to and where to go for help.

Cancer on Board for a “cancer on board” badge to help with travelling on public transport.


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There is also a list on listly of breast cancer blogs

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