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Directory of breast cancer blogs

Directory of breast cancer blogs

If you are looking to read a personal account of someone who has been through breast cancer treatment then look no further. This is a super list of breast cancer blogs by women of all ages, covering all sorts of subjects: diagnosis during pregnancy, fertility issues, the menopause, sex during treatment, cold capping, living with secondary breast cancer, getting through treatment and more.

There are so many personal accounts out there and this list just touches the surface. Don’t feel overwhelmed or that you have to read everything. Take a few from the list, have an explore, find someone who has some similar issues as you and focus on their blogs.

A B C Diagnosis – Not only does Jo’s website contain a whole host of helpful breast cancer resources, she also maintains a fabulous blog.

AJ’s Cancer Journey – In this Facebook blog, you can follow Amanda’s breast cancer journey, together with her thoughts and views on a variety of breast cancer issues.

Alice May Purkiss – Alice blogs about all sorts of subjects and when breast cancer made an appearance she included that in her regular blog posts. now out the other side of treatment, her posts are mostly non-cancer related.

A Monster Falls – Karen blogs about single parenting tween to teen boys while having breast cancer twice.  She wanted to blog after getting an all clear to tell their story and talk about how they are getting their lives back on track.

Bald Boobless and Beautiful – Laura Hughes, 30 years old, shares the story of her Breast Cancer journey through Primary Breast Cancer followed by a Secondary Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2016. It’s the up’s and down’s along the way and the experiences it has given her.

Being Dense – a blog focusing on breast density issues

Beyond the Pink Ribbon – Emily is blogging about her life in New York with metastatic breast cancer while juggling her role as wife, mother and lawyer.

Big C. Little Me – Rachael blogs her way through breast cancer from diagnosis onwards, covering all sorts of subjects like cold capping (and excellent video).

Bigger’s Battle with the C-Word – Heather explains her experiences to date, by dealing with her diagnosis in a light hearted and uplifting manner.

Blooming Cancer – Juliet blogs about living flat after a double mastectomy and flower farming – the latter having helped with her recovery.

Boobs Behaving Badly – Em’s aim was to take everyone with her through the highs and lows and to give people the inside track on what to expect following a cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer and Baby – Laura covers everything that comes from being diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant.

Breast surgeon with breast cancer – Liz blogged her way through breast cancer treatment which is particularly interesting given that she is a breast surgeon. Now, having finished treatment, she also blogs about exercise and public speaking. She has authored a book ‘The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer’ with Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, due out September 2018.

Beyond the Pink – Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2016. She writes about her experiences and how people reacted to her along the way. She continues to write about her experience now her treatment has ended.

Cancer in a Red Dress – Tonya keeps a blog of her breast cancer journey – through tough times, laughs, tears and everything else along the way.

Cancer in Heels – On her Youtube channel,  Patricia vlogs as she goes about finding her feet in the weird world of cancer whilst trying to stay herself and find moments of fun, beauty and joy along the way. As a vlog, this is an ideal way to get insight into someone’s journey through cancer treatment as you go through yours.

Cancer.. Me.. Really? – Claire blogs her way through breast cancer with a little humour, a little sarcasm and a lot of heart.

Day Dreamz – Lucy is blogging her way through breast cancer

Dr Bex Lewis: Life Explorer – Bex has blogged her way through breast cancer treatment as part of a wider ranging blog. She covers mostly the things she wish she’d known beforehand, or things to save her explaining “what had happened” to a wide circle of friends and family.

I Am The One In Eight – in Maureen’s blog about her breast cancer, her plan is to be frank but to try not to make it too bleak, and with a few laughs along the way.

Irish Cora – Cora blogs about breast cancer and life after treatment in her blog from Galway, Ireland.

Jill’s Book Cafe – Jill has a book blog (it’s fabulous by the way) and so when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she started blogging about that too.

Just Another Blog – Alex’s blog started off completely unrelated to breast cancer, but when she was diagnosed she used her blog to record her journey.

Kick Cancer Chick – an inspiring blog covering the breast cancer journey – and soon to be life without breast cancer.

Learning How to Make Lemonade – Lisa blogs about how this isn’t the life we chose but we have to constantly learn to love the life we have been given.

Living Furthur – Lea’s blog documents her journey through breast cancer and aims to change views of what cancer needs to be. she focuses mainly on the holistic approach to healing through a healthier lifestyle and integrated/complementary healing protocol. The blog is aimed anyone who wants to make changes in their life – not just those with cancer.

Living with IT – Aged just 33 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ellie chose to record her experience by blogging throughout the diagnosis and treatment.

Me and My Four – Em’s blog chronicles her life with ongoing breast cancer treatment while parenting 4 kids.

Mummy One Boob – Emi Lou’s amazing visual diary of her breast cancer journey.

My Breast Cancer Journey – Leanne blogs about all sorts of things that come up during the course of treatment, Chronically her treatment from diagnosis to things like visiting a spa (can we have a massage?).

My Triple Negative Life – This blog was created to support people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer by a blogger who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and then had a local (triple negative) recurrence in 2013.

Not a Mouse This Time – Alison has written a blog since diagnosis, through treatment, and how cancer is now shaping her new life. She aims to be honest, to build awareness and to find the positive narrative and is keen to emphasise the importance of exercise and building personal resilience.

One Rubbish Summer – Jo blogs on Facebook following her breast cancer treatment journey over the last year and what she is learning about herself post cancer.

Our Early Thirties – This is the blog of two friends, one of whom got cancer at the age of 30. The blog follows how cancer has changed both their lives.

Perki Bits – Claire’s Breast cancer Journey – Claire (mid-thirties) blogs about all sort of breast cancer things during her treatment. Claire is based in the US.

The Last Meal Before Chemo – Lou blog her way through breast cancer treatment in an informative and sometime lighthearted manner.

The Priya Mistry – Priya’s blog is about her journey through surviving breast cancer with emphasis on issues like breast cancer’s effect on sexuality and body image, mental health issues, alternative healing protocols and yoga! A lighter side of the blog features fashion and travel sometimes specifically from a survivor’s perspective. Yoga videos for post-mastectomy bodies coming soon.

Talking For Freedom – This didn’t start out as a breast cancer blog – but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer it became a place to spread awareness about the symptoms of different cancers and document her own breast cancer experience.

The Titty Gritty – a really lovely, lively blog following the breast cancer journey of a lovely mum of three young kids, juggling motherhood, work and cancer.

The Two Faces Of Cancer – Rebecca uses her 3 personal experiences of cancer and her professional knowledge as a counsellor and personal coach look at the emotional impact cancer has.

Unexpected Journey at 36 – Lara’s blog is a humorous and honest way of keeping people up to date with her treatment without having to actually talk to anyone. An excellent insight to life during breast cancer treatment.

Ways Gone By – this is a website for natural skincare products which was set up following a breast cancer diagnosis. The website itself is lovely, but you can check out the blog for an insight into her personal cancer journey.

Wears Trops – Danielle was diagnosed at just 30 years old with Invasive Breast Cancer and this is her creative outlet to help her get back to health. She hopes to bring motivation, inspiration, and some entertainment through this blog.

What Freya Did Next – Freya was diagnosed with cancer at 25. She uses writing as her therapy and shares it on her blog.

Writing a New Story – Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago. In her beautiful blog she writes about her cancer experience along with a whole range of topics about her life after cancer.

Zen Psychiatry – Not breast cancer related, but oh so helpful for someone going through cancer, or their friend/family member.

There is also a list on listly of breast cancer blogs.

Some blogs which focus on the experiences of a range of women, bringing a variety of personal stories:


Nicola Jane is a specialist bra fitting website for women who have undergone mastectomies and lumpectomies, and they have a lovely section of articles about women who are going through or have been through breast cancer treatment.

The Underbelly – this is a wonderful place where you can read a whole host of articles and blog posts about all things to do with breast cancer. The articles are contributed by a range of women and anyone can contribute – sometimes writing can be incredibly therapeutic during cancer treatment and this might be the place to get your writing published.

Male Breast Cancer resources Male breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and advice plus the latest articles and news relating to male breast cancer.

Male Breast Cancer Coalition A collection of male survivor journeys and various medical professionals coming together to bring awareness to male breast cancer.

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