Dear Breast Cancer…

Dear Breast Cancer…

Here are some of the short letters to Breast Cancer that you’ve sent to me…

Dear Breast Cancer, you gave me pain, you made me cry, you gave me sadness, but you made me stronger than before, you gave me power and strength and courage in my life… You made me to LOVE MYSELF more❤️”

Dear Breast Cancer, Why me? Why my family? I’ve been through enough!

Dear Breast Cancer, how dare you take my daughter and leave her son to grow up without her and the pain in my chest just continues to get worse.

Dear Breast Cancer, you may have torn through my family, taking my Mum when I was just 4 years old, coming back and taking my sister many years later, but we have new house rules now. Amazing research and developments in familial cancers mean we don’t have to play by your rules! I knew you would come for me, so I was on the lookout and saw that tiny speck invading my body very early on, and we removed you. We thought you might come back again, so we then removed the whole comfortable bosom, so you have no place to rest. Don’t be getting any ideas about going down low, because as of last week, that’s gone too. The game has changed for my family and I, whilst we will never get back what we have already lost to you, we do now have some protection against our future, fuck you Cancer!

Dear Breast Cancer, thanks for robbing me of my bloody nipples before even having the option to have a mini me suckling happily away on them! All at the ripe old age of 25….

Dear Breast Cancer, you will not be the end of me.

Dear Breast Cancer, my lopsided breasts are sometimes depressing but you didn’t get me this time round. Please don’t try again!

Dear Breast Cancer, my enemy, the one I fear. I will not let you bully me into submission. I will continue to stand up to you. You will not break me, or my family. Do us all a favour and do one…..

Dear Breast Cancer, you made my emotions erratic and haywire. You contributed to dissolving of my relationship – my only light.

Dear Breast Cancer, I first met you when I was four. I didn’t know exactly who you were, but I knew the awful things you could do when you took my mum from me. I spent the years since then angry at you and in fear of you, then you came for me and I got to know and hate you in a brand new way. You have taken my freedom and independence, my hope and optimism, my body but you did not take my humour, my soul or my spirit. Not yet. You are hopefully gone, pumped full of poison and cut away from the home you made in my body, but you have left many gifts to ensure I won’t forget you. You left the scars that, although they are fading, leave clues as to where my body was mutilated and repaired. You left aches in my joints, so that whenever I move I remember the extremes I went to to get rid of you. You took my energy with you, maybe in the hope that I will be too tired and weary to keep you away. Even if I never see you again, the thought of you will always control my life and everything I do. Everyday I take a pill, hoping it is enough to stop you from returning, and I battle through the aches and pains to keep you away. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it and if I should just cross my fingers and hope I never bump into you again. And then I think of all the people whose lives you have taken and I know that I need to continue to protect myself, however hard it may be. You took my childhood and replaced it with sadness and loneliness, and you have taken my future too. You have taken the possibilities that once existed for my future; health, enjoyment, a family, a life… Everything is uncertain now because of you. You have ruined my life, but you have also made me who I am today; it is hard to know what I would be like without you as I barely remember a time before you met my family. I hope you are now far away and forget all about me, never to return again. I hope and pray I never see you again, but know that I will never forget you.

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