Double zero: my breast cancer legacy

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What’s all about?

Double-zero is my legacy after breast cancer rocked my world in 2017.  I had no idea what HER2+ meant, who to turn to, or where to go for advice.  So I Googled…

That was a fundamental error for me.  Gripped with fear I watched online mastectomies via YouTube, was offered a miracle cure thanks to the finest Shark Fin oil on the market and a million other pieces of (mostly unsubstantiated) advice.

On reflection Double-zero is my gift to my 2017 self.  ‘Paying it forward’.  Helping others as I needed to be helped has been a huge part of my healing.  Turning so much heartache into something so good.

The vision is for people to live as much of their God-given lives in optimal health – ‘Maximising their Healthy Years’.  The mission is to provide a free, trustworthy resource to help them do just that.

What does your site offer to someone in or after treatment?

In one word: HOPE.

The website exists to inform, to encourage, to empower, to support and to guide.  It has six main sections:

  • Healthy Body – maintaining or improving overall physical health
  • Healthy Mind – maintaining or improving overall mental health
  • Health Conditions – specific health issues (including an extensive Cancer resource)
  • Nutrition – the science behind what/when/how to eat
  • Recipes – to put that knowledge into practice
  • Sustainability – how we can all help maintain and improve the health of our planet

It’s working too: there are healing testimonies to be found in each of the Health Conditions sections: 

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Autoimmune, MS, Asthma, Lung Conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, Gut Health, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Obesity, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Skin/Eye/Bone Health, Women’s Health and Hormones.

Breast Cancer was my own personal experience and helping guide people to the resources I wish I’d known of (websites/books/podcasts/films) and the feedback I get from doing so, is fulfilling.  I know Sara relates to that too…

I also know first-hand that cancer is exhausting; physically and mentally.  This ‘one-stop shop’ is an easy way to glean information from 1000’s of doctors, 1000’s of nutritionists, 1000’s of healthy recipes, as well as our weekly blog, which highlights ‘Something New’ that we’ve discovered, or added to the site that week.

Some tips and advice?

The 1000’s of first-hand healing testimonies on the site will give you way more than I ever could.  Mine is just one of the many featured. 

One thing I would say is ‘never say never’.  I was open to various treatment options, supplements, vitamins, diets, strategies.  That approach served me well.

I remember contacting a friend’s daughter when I received my diagnosis.  She’s a nutritionist who works on Harley Street in London.  She guided me through recommended vitamins and supplements, dietary suggestions and gave me the name of one of her teachers; a breast cancer specialist (whom I didn’t have the energy to contact, but wish I had – do find an advocate would be a piece of advice I wish I’d been given, there are SO many options to consider and unsurprisingly I wasn’t thinking straight at the time!)

She also shared the story of her uncle who’d healed himself from Stage 4 cancer by spending weeks in bed smoking cannabis – ‘there’s a lot of peer-reviewed research papers that prove it’s efficacy, but you wouldn’t do that, you’re President of a church!’ she said… Fast forward a few months and you’d have found me massaging organic cannabis sativa oil directly onto my tumour site… Never say never.

I also never thought I could quit sugar.  Or alcohol (I live amongst vineyards!).  Or stumble my way into a whole food plant-based lifestyle (and sustain it).  But I have done all of those things.  If I can…

No going back for me.  Knowledge is power and you can’t un-know what you know. I’m committed to making this site a valuable, trusted resource for cancer information, for our health and that of our planet.

Do have a look at the site and if you have any suggested additions, or want to share your story, fill in the Contact Us form – and we will do just that.

Denise Stevenson

Double-zero is an independent organisation which carries no affiliate links.  We won’t sell your details either.

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