Give someone a boost: a review of the Boost Box company

Give someone a boost: a review of the Boost Box company

I have previously written about the types of gifts that you can give someone who is going through cancer treatment and one of the popular choices is to give what is commonly called, a “cancer care package“. These are boxes or bags or baskets full of lovely things  (some practical, some treats) to help someone get through their treatment. Nice things to eat, nice things to wear, nice things to do, nice things to drink and nice things to make the treatment a little less horrible. Until I started looking into how to help, I didn’t even know that such things existed. I never received such a gift when I was going through treatment: don’t get me wrong I am not complaining in the slightest because I was the recipient of many wonderful gifts and treats.  I just didn’t come across a cancer care package. And then, just a week or so ago, what should turn up on the doorstep but a beautifully wrapped “Boost Box“.

The Boost Box Company is one of a number of online retailers selling cancer care parcels. There are a few such retailers, but the difference with the Boost Box Company is that all the products are paraben, sulphate and preservative free. Their focus is on providing natural products which will help someone who has been through surgery, chemo and/or radiotherapy without adding any more chemicals into the body. For me, this is incredibly important. Since my breast cancer diagnosis I have been trying to eliminate chemicals from my life wherever I can: I am using natural skincare and makeup, using more environmentally friendly cleaning products and eating organic food as much as possible. So, were you to consider sending a gift to someone during their cancer treatment, it is often worth considering a more natural choice.

Looking at the website for this wonderful online shop, you can either buy a ready made box which they have put together, or you can create a personalised box by choosing what to include from their wide range of lovely goodies. Aspects of the Boost Box Company that I particularly like are:

  • there is a lovely selection of items from which to choose
  • there is a good choice of ready made boxes if you don’t really know what to get your friend/family member
  • the products are gorgeous: there is no compromise on quality
  • the packaging is stylish and beautiful
  • the box comes with a handwritten note from the lovely Nadia, founder and owner of the Boost Box Company

I received a personalised Boost Box and each item was a perfect fit for me:

Firstly, there was the peppermint tea.  Joe’s Tea are 100% organic. I love peppermint tea but there are also other flavours. Herbal teas are a good choice of gift because they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and can help ease stomach upsets, neutralise taste changes, help flush out toxins and ease anxiety. They help with hydration which is particularly important for cancer patients. 

The next item in my box was the Tisserand de-stress aromatherapy roller ball. The blend of natural essential oils can be applied to the skin where the scent is intended to help calm during stressful or anxious moments. This is an ideal gift for a cancer patient, or someone recently finished with treatment: anxiety levels are often high both during and for some time after treatment. And this smells absolutely gorgeous. I have put it in my handbag for quick access in times of need.

Next was the chocolate bar. No ordinary chocolate bar but a luxurious, melt in the mouth, want to save it for a special occasion chocolate bar. And what better occasion to treat someone to a bite of this chocolate bar then on a rough chemo day when they can’t face eating anything other than something smooth and sweet.

I then opened the Nathalie Bond organic skin balm. This is like butter for the skin: smooth, soothing, gentle butter that melts onto the skin calming dry, sensitive, itchy patches. My hands are still incredibly dry following chemo. The skin around the nails is constantly rough, sore and prone to cracking. This skin balm is really helping here, and I can see how it would be so well suited for someone going through chemo or radiotherapy.

I then came to the Moroccan rose candle. This is a small candle with a screw top lid. And it smells divine. It sits on my desk so that when I am working, I can enjoy its beautiful scent.

And finally, the Alpaca bed socks. Now I am a big fan of wearing warm cosy clothing: scarves, jumpers and socks. There is something soothing and calming about being wrapped up warm under a soft blanket when feeling ill. And these bed socks are really the ultimate in luxurious soft socks. Beautiful.

The arrival of the Boost Box on my doorstep made my day, my week and actually my month. The realisation that somebody cared enough to go to the effort of finding things that were perfectly suited to me; the beautifully handwritten note; the gorgeous way in which the products were wrapped and boxed; and the surprise element of the gift all contributed to that warm cosy feeling of being loved. And that is what it is all about when your friend or family member is going through cancer treatment. It is about showing them that you love them, care about them and want to make things just a little bit easier for them.




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