Guest blog on hair loss: Cancer Hair Care

Guest blog on hair loss: Cancer Hair Care

Offering hope through hair loss

By Jasmin Julia Gupta – The UK’s leading oncology hair loss expert, NHS clinical advisor and founder of the charity Cancer Hair Care

At Cancer Hair Care, we offer so much more than just a wig.

As the UK’s leading hair loss support charity service, we offer a holistic, deeply supportive approach to the various aspects that hair loss and illness brings.

I’m very proud to say that we are the only UK charity solely focused on offering guidance before, during and after hair loss due to cancer treatment.

We span the entire hair loss journey and concentrate on all aspects of hair loss and hair loss prevention (scalp cooling) right through to new hair growth into recovery.

Possible hair loss has a devastating effect on someone who has cancer. Our charity cuts through the noise to offer empowerment through gentle, expert advice that enables all of our patients to understand their potential hair loss fully. We also have free, bespoke packs including headwear and items such as eyelashes and brow make-up.

Our dedicated team of Cancer Hair Care Specialists and Advisors is a mixture of experts in their field coupled with people who have first-hand experience of hair loss and cancer treatment. So together, we understand the best way to support people going through cancer, illness and hair loss.

Alongside a cancer diagnosis, hair loss is a very complex process for children to deal with. Our unique ‘topsy turvy’ dollies help children to gently understand hair loss through play. Each dolly has hair on one side and no hair on the other and comes complete with little hats and scarves and is available in multiple skin colours.

I care deeply about every person’s experience of hair loss and hope that Cancer Hair Care is one small way of helping people through illness and into recovery.

Together, we can make hair loss one less worry.

Contact us:

Please get in touch with us.

No question is too small to ask or too big that we can’t work through it and help you.


Phone: 01483 311322 

Instagram: @cancerhaircare

We also have a video about our topsy turvy dollies:

For more information on hair loss check out our hair loss support page.

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