About Us

About Us

Ticking Off Breast Cancer was founded in 2017 by Sara as she came to the end of her treatment for primary breast cancer. We’re now a team of three as Sara was joined in 2021 by Harriet and Emma. Together the three of us use our personal experiences to provide support to others going through breast cancer.

Sara’s story….

I was diagnosed with HER2 positive and oestrogen positive primary breast cancer on 19 October 2016, aged 42. I was a mum to two young children at the time (aged 7 and 9), working part time in London and juggling everything that a working mother has to juggle. My treatment involved surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Herceptin and now I’m on Tamoxifen. I took an extended leave of absence from work, reprioritised the important things to me in life, wrote a book (Ticking Off Breast Cancer) and set up this website to help others who are going through breast cancer.

I originally started this website in November 2017 to provide straightforward practical advice by way of checklists and signposts to all the amazing online resources that are available to people going through breast cancer treatment. And whilst the website has gone on to do this, Ticking Off Breast Cancer has also evolved into much more than just a signposting site. It’s now a flourishing online community with people from all over the world sharing their personal stories on the site, experts sharing tips and advice by way of expert guest blogs, focus weeks on topical issues (such as clinical trials), a platform for charities and researchers to use to share information and lots of interviews with interesting people within the community. More information about the website can be found here and you can join in the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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