Write a Guest Blog for Ticking Off Breast Cancer

Write a Guest Blog for Ticking Off Breast Cancer

If you are interested in writing a guest blog for the website, here is everything you need to know…

  1. Write about any aspect of your breast cancer experience based up on your own experience. If you’re not sure what to write about, get in touch to discuss ideas or take a look at the idea list below.
  2. Include some tips or advice for someone who is reading your post and going through the same thing as you (a short list somewhere in the post is always a good idea).
  3. Give a positive message at some point in the post if you can. Cancer sucks, but try to give encouragement to the reader. Not over the top positivity, just something like “I know it is tough doing XYZ but this part passes…”.
  4. Write around 700 words. Its not a fixed word count but gives you a rough guide. Don’t worry if you go over/under.
  5. Send me a photo please! And if you are happy to have your name on the post, provide your name and where you are from.
  6. I’ll publicise it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – so can you confirm that you are ok with that?
  7. I’ll have a read of what you send me and I may suggest a few editing changes or ask a few questions. Hope that is ok.
  8. Use the ‘contact’ option on the right hand side of the homepage or DM me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (DM me anyway so I know to check my emails!)

Topic suggestions:

  • Your personal story.
  • How I felt about my diagnosis.
  • I had an unusual diagnosis.
  • Getting through chemo.
  • Having a mastectomy.
  • Having a lumpectomy.
  • Surgery.
  • Going through radiotherapy.
  • Tips for treatment.
  • Anything to do with hair loss – cold-capping, wigs, scarves etc.
  • Nutrition.
  • Exercise.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Your feelings and your acceptance of cancer.
  • Coming to terms with breast cancer.
  • Diagnosis during pregnancy.
  • Coping with breast cancer whilst being mother to young children/babies.
  • Coping with breast cancer whilst dealing with any other issue/life situation.
  • Coping with cancer.
  • Wellness, self-care or anything to do with helping to recover.
  • Life after treatment – any aspect.
  • Things that you have learnt from cancer.
  • A list of tips.
  • Friendship/relationship issues arising from cancer.
  • Scanxiety.
  • Menopause as a result of treatment.
  • Anything to do with any of the side effects of treatment.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer.
  • Triple negative breast cancer.
  • From a male perspective.
  • Lymphoedema.
  • From the point of view of a friend, family member, carer.



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