Recommendations for April

Recommendations for April

Welcome to the first of a new monthly blog post listing my top recommendations for things that I’ve come across over the past month. Things such as podcasts, recipes, online tutorials, books, television programmes, distractions, websites, food, drink… basically anything that will help you during and/or beyond your breast cancer treatment. So, here my our recommendations as we enter April…

1.Juliet’s Breast Cancer Care Podcast

Have you heard that Breast Cancer Care have started to produce podcasts? Each podcast is an interview lasting around 45 minutes with either a personal story from someone who is living with breast cancer or has had had breast cancer; or from a professional providing advice on a specific topic. In March, Juliet was interviewed about choosing not to undergo reconstruction surgery after her double mastectomy, but instead choosing to live flat. Listen to the podcast here.

2. Nail oil for weak, brittle and cracked nails

So, we all know that chemo ruins your nails. Its one of those little niggling side effects that you don’t really know about before you embark upon chemo, but once you’re in it they start to weaken, break and flake. And then the cuticles and skin around them starts cracking and before you know it you’ve got very little nail left on each finger and it feels like you have shut them in a drawer. In May it will be two years since I finished chemo and my nails are still not great (partly thanks to Tamoxifen). However, I have finally found something which works at re-moisturising and strengthening my nails: Tropic Skincare Organic Nail Nectar. It is entirely natural and comes from the Tropic Skincare brand. Haven’t heard about this brand? It’s a natural vegan skincare brand brought to you by Susie Ma and Alan Sugar. I am an Ambassador for the brand and as such you can buy products from my Tropic website (*full disclosure here – I get paid commission on each sale).

3. Cancer on Board

So this is not strictly something I have come across in the past month because I attended the launch of this charity in November 2018. However, I haven’t really talked about them for a while so I wanted to tell you about them now. For anyone with cancer who is travelling on public transport and struggling to get a seat, you can get in touch with this charity for one of their free badges. Not everyone is comfortable having to ask people to give up a seat on the bus or train, so this might be your answer. Contact details and more information can be found here.

4. Happy Magazine

This is Holly. Holly had breast cancer in 2016. She has since set up a website called Happy Magazine (and you can also get a print copy in Ireland). I adore this website. It’s full of lovely advice about wellness, health and motivation for living a good life. Advice and tips about food and nutrition, beauty and exercise. I thoroughly recommend you take a look at this for wellness inspiration and advice both during and after cancer treatment.

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