Directory of ‘checking your breast’ resources

Directory of ‘checking your breast’ resources


Don’t just have a quick squeeze in the shower when you remember. Do it properly. Know what to look for, when to check and how to check.

Here are some fabulous resources to help you (links go directly to the relevant pages so you don’t need to read about anything else).

Breast Cancer Now Don’t be put off by the word ‘cancer’ here. Breast Cancer Care have some excellent information on checking your breasts and benign breast conditions. They also have some excellent (free) booklets and a handy purse size mini guide that you can order online.

Coppafeel is a charity dedicated to getting men and women checking their breasts. You can even sign up to a regular text alert to remind you to check. Their website is a treasure trove of helpful information.

Know Your Lemons is another charity dedicated to checking breasts. They have some excellent infographics to help you check, and they have a fabulous App which covers every aspect of checking your breasts without actually doing the checking themselves.

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