Directory of clinical trial resources website is a Swiss healthcare technology company with the vision of using technology and a patient-first approach to democratize clinical trial access, so that every patient has the best chances of recovery and leading a healthy life. video on clinical trials and how to find one glossary of clinical trial terminology FAQ

Be Part of Research: Be Part of Research (run by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)) is an online service that provides an opportunity to help members of the public understand what research is and what it might mean to take part, as well as showing what research is currently happening across the UK.

Breast Cancer Now page on clinical trials

Cancer Research UK page on clinical trials

National Institute for Health Research: “We help debunk some common misconceptions about clinical research and explain how it’s only by keeping up to date on better treatments and care and improving diagnosis and prevention that we can improve patient care.”

NHS page on clinical trials

The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Dr Liz O’Riordan – Trisha and Liz cover research/clinical trials in their book.

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