Directory of online shops and resources

Directory of online shops and resources

Shopping for cancer-related items to make life a little bit easier

Bold Beanies – Lovely hats for if you lose your hair through chemo.

Cancer Care Parcel – Lots of lovely things to help you through treatment.

Drain Dollies – Drain bags for post surgery.

Essential Breast – Scar oil (100% natural) for post surgery scars.

Lions, Tigers and Bears – A fabulous online shop for anything that might help you get through treatment.

Live Better With – This is an online shopping site stocking 100’s of products to help get you through each step of your cancer treatment all recommended by those living with cancer. The site also offers stacks and stacks of practical advice.

Jennifer Young: Beauty Despite Cancer – Gorgeous natural skin care products that are perfect for chemo skin.

Not Another Bunch of Flowers – Lots of lovely products to help you get through treatment.

tooktake – A simple dosage reminder system consisting of stickers for your medication bottles/strips.

Tropic Skincare – 100% naturally derived skincare and make up (this is a link to a webshop from which I receive a commission – I love these products, use them all myself and I am an Ambassador for the company)

Ways Gone By – Handmade, natural, chemical free skin care and hair care products, and chemo gifts.

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